Notification Services

YourSMSapp offers to integrate push notifications, pop up banners, interstitials and in-app notifications as part of data solutions that are oriented towards marketing, sales, social, event participation and ratings and feedback among others. Our notification functions are designed either as informative or/and interactive concepts that allow instant engagement with the reader. Rich user content is used to optimize the value of the notifications that are completely customized while considering the business initiative and the type of target audiences that are sought to be engaged.

Our development team works on the structure of the notification to make it seamlessly glide through the user interfaces across the devices including mobile and web. This enhances the potential of your customer engagement, marketing and sales campaigns.

Here are the definitive attributes of our notification services:

  • Swift and instant
  • Highly targeted
  • Personalized and user specific
  • High compatibility
  • Dynamic scalability support