Omni-Channel Personalization

YourSMSapp offers omni-channel personalization of your marketing campaign and CRM strategy so that customer loyalty is optimized and brand value is enhanced. Omni channel personalization has become the desirable ingredient of marketing and customer engagement mechanisms and we specialize in the same.

Our ability to source heaps of relevant customer data and consumer behaviors and generate segregated metrics sit at the core of such personalized customer engagement. This is then synced with the functions of automation to derive analyses of real worth regarding different customers.

We not only offer metrics and analytics ease to the managers but also work on the dimension of uniform customer experience (CE) by deriving inferences from the customer behavior and preferences. This completes the cycle of one to one marketing that is synced across the devices and media including mobile and web. The dedicated channels of email, messaging, e-store, web broadcasts as well as social platforms of Facebook, Twitter etc are all conditioned uniformly to suit the tastes of the individual customers.