Customer Satisfaction Messaging

Undertake the best customer satisfaction surveys through our smart messaging services. YourSMSapp offers custom tailored SMS campaigns that are geared to evoke responses and feedback through instant reply functions which are smartly embedded in the messages. We have served diverse orientations that require feedback submission from the buyers or participants. Whether your company has launched a new product or want to garner popular opinion on the existing product line in market or want to elicit response on a recent event, our dedicated customer satisfaction messaging services will cater to all types of demands in a resonant manner.

While offering personalized and engaging content in the message, we implant the feedback options in the form of score based ratings, like/dislike choices, relative preference of the rival products and such other options that suit the campaign demands and customer bases.

Here are the salient features of our customer satisfaction messaging services:

  • Optimized feedback generation from customers
  • Use of resonant feedback channels
  • Swift results
  • Scalability assured
  • Inbuilt metrics aggregation and analytics