YourSMSapp offers dedicated messaging services for the businesses that want to engage new customers through personalized marketing campaigns. We know that a message delivered in the inbox carries high potential but only when you offer the relevant content to the right person. We are adept in catering the different customer bases of potential value through targeted messaging along with the smart metrics and analytics to derive inferences there from.

Our customer engagement messaging service is geared to allow the companies and brands to reach out effectively and then engage the receiver through specific yet resonant CTAs that are integrated in the form of instant reply, feedback score submission, toll free call now, buy now and visit webpage options. We can embed the desirable icons as per the campaign demands and the orientation of the customers being engaged.

The features of our customer engagement SMS solutions include:

  • Resonant content for personalized reach out
  • Swift and robust
  • In built analytics and metrics
  • Feedback mechanisms included