Internal Team Communications

YourSMSapp has developed resonant internal communication (IC) solutions for the business clients that have immensely benefited through instant communication synergies. Our internal communication systems are offered as dedicated ‘in house’ solutions that connect your employees and decision making echelons to ensure seamless communication and hence ushering a coordinated working environment that is devoid of any information gaps and time delays. Through our SMS driven IC solutions, organizations find the much needed catalyses to move briskly and keep the deadlines intact in every project.

Internal communication SMS services leverage the intranet as also the telecom channels to deliver and exchange the messages swiftly between the employees. The messaging service also has integrated reply and chat functions to allow swift information sharing.

Here are the attributes of our internal communication messaging services:

  • Safety and privacy of the company messages
  • Swift and instant delivery
  • Scalability to support emergent project communication demands
  • Customized sharing protocols