Transactional Alert

YourSMSapp offers transactional alert services through SMS notifications that are delivered securely to your clients. We have been serving the banks and insurance companies and also the ecommerce storefronts and e-vendors of diversity.

Through our secure interfacing with the official servers of the clients, programmed messaging is effected to the registered mobile numbers. The customers thus get instant alerts regarding any transaction that they have done electronically or over the counter ‘in premise’.

Here are the salient attributes of our transaction alert SMS services:

  • Swift and instant with multiple carrier support
  • Highly scalable to serve bulk messaging requirements at short notice
  • Completely secure and adhering to the privacy protocols of the business client
  • Programmed automation as per the demands
  • Customized layouts
  • Regional languages support
  • Seamless message delivery for international transactions alerts
  • Encrypted mechanisms buffer the interfacing with client’s servers

With such dedicated functionality at disposal, we cater to our clients without any delay or difficulty!