Call Bridging Services

YourSMSapp offers secure and quality assured call bridging services for the business organizations that can leverage the power of teleconferencing to generate coordinated deliberations between the echelons. We employ our voice solutions expertise that is based on smart web interfacing functions including VoIP and telecom networks to provide real time call bridging channels between the desired offices of your company.

Call bridging services at YourSMSapp are guaranteed of complete privacy which is ensured through strong encryptions that buffer the voice communication protocols which are generated at every custom request emanating from your official desks.

YourSMSapp offers its call bridging services through dedicated bandwidths and telecom capacities with 100% uptimes to make sure that your officers’ important deliberations and commands never have to suffer through glitches and delays.

Here are the definitive attributes of our call bridging services:

  • Complete privacy and encrypted tunneling mechanisms
  • High scalability
  • Instant request processing
  • Establishing dedicated permanent VoIP routes as demanded
  • Cost effective
  • Record of minutes of meeting – on request only