Hosted IVRS Services

YourSMSapp offers hosted IVRS services for the business clients that want to maintain streamlined, leaner yet highly responsive customer service desk. We have delivered resonant IVRS solutions for the business organizations that now reap better customer satisfaction with evident cost advantages. The entire arrangement is hosted on behalf of the business client that can continue to focus on its core specialization.

We design custom tailored hosted IVRS models that deliver programmed responses to the callers who feel satisfied at being assisted in a logical manner. At the backend, the IVRS is integrated with the customer service desks to allow the caller to get the best reply and solution. This not only eliminates the agony of waiting for the customer but service efficiency is also achieved. We can usher such benefits for your firm too!

Here are the salient attributes of our hosted IVRS services for you:

  • Swift and dynamic
  • Customized responses
  • Multiple language support
  • Scalability assured
  • 100% uptime guarantee