Email Solutions

YourSMSapp offers resonant email solutions to meet the needs of business firms that seek to adopt dedicated mailing channels for efficient communication. We offer custom tailored email delivery platforms that can be scaled up as per the routine requirements or any emergent project.

Our SMS solutions serve the following orientations:

  • Bulk mailing demands
  • Promotional campaigns of marketing
  • Automatic transactional alerts that are integrated with your ecommerce desk(s)
  • Verification emails
  • Survey emails like for feedback and customer response

Our email solutions are developed while leveraging the frontline tech platforms and are assured of the much desired attributes of information security and swiftness. We offer to design high capacity email application that will respond through soft requests made from the registered endpoints in your company, thus ensuring the privacy of your confidential files and plans.

Before, developing the email solution for any business client, our team looks into the communication demands and specific project needs and then a suitable platform is offered that is built to match the custom mailing requirements.