Promotional Email Campaign Services

YourSMSapp offers dedicated email services to propel the promotional and marketing campaigns of the business clients. Our email services are designed to penetrate the popular domains in a resonant manner so that company’s existing and newly launched product lines find effective canvassing. The definitive attribute of our promotional email campaign is that we ensure its customization as per the orientation of the business client in the market and economy. Simultaneously, we also make the emails personalized to ensure that the CRM strategies are resonant towards the customer bases of the company.

Promotion and marketing inspired email services of YourSMSapp are executed with the smart functions that are meant to synergize instant customer engagement and sales through effective CTAs that are embedded in the mail body.

Here are the salient features of our promotional email services:

  • Highly targeted
  • Resonant content to engage receivers
  • Swift and dynamic
  • In built metrics aggregation and analytics
  • Scalabilities assured to meet campaign demands