Re-targeting Automation

YourSMSapp specializes in marketing automation strategies that allow your company to run smart campaigns in custom modes and derive the optimized results from them. By leveraging the functions of dynamic database management and the web communications, we design a responsive marketing platform that allows your managers to manipulate different dimensions any time. This generates flexibility to behave as per the emergent demands of market and customer behavior.

Personalization is also achieved for specific sets of customers thus improving the effectiveness of the marketing and sales plans. You can reach out to existing and potential customers through dedicated engagement & interaction channels to enhance customer loyalty.

Here are the defining attributes of our Re-targeting Automation solutions for you:

  • Big data management functions embedded
  • Dedicated analytics to derive inferences
  • Ability to personalize communication channels
  • Real time responsiveness and feedback mechanisms to keep you informed
  • Programmed alerts generation like through SMS and mails for marketing and product launches