SMS Solutions

YourSMSapp specializes in broad based SMS services for business players that can make use of the power of personalized communication! We have developed complete range of solutions that ride on the SMS communication and allow your company to connect with the existing and potential consumers and business partners among other stakeholders in your commercial domain.

We have in place assured service linkages and partnerships with the major and minor telecom players across the world. Therefore our messaging services never fall short of your demands. We offer all the latest SMS functionalities as part of our services and thus our clients stand to benefit the maximum.

Here are the defining features of our SMS solutions and services:

  • Broad connectivity potential through tie-ups with national and global players
  • Support for plaintext, WAP, flash, binary, Unicode and Port messaging formats
  • Swift and overnight scalability as per your demands
  • Best service to cost ratio in market with dynamic costing plans
  • Custom SMS platforms for businesses to ensure high throughput for your marketing
  • No downtimes and upfront service availability all the time!

We have customized our SMS solutions as per the evolving demands of business organizations that seek to connect & engage with their existing and potential customers. Our SMS solutions help them drive customer resource towards sales funneling. YourSMSapp offers the SMS services have built-in smart analytics functions that allow the decision makers to assess the results and guide the marketing strategy towards the best results.